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Her responsibilities after six months went from being on the calls assisting customers to managing a team of agents to ensure they continued to deliver world class care to the Digicel base. With a focus on people management and development coupled with her passion for care she moved to the position of Customer Care Operations Manager in April In her current role she continues to promote staff development while managing the EC Call Centre providing support for 11 Digicel markets with the goal of maintaining the number one customer care position as well as implementing new strategies to continue to find ways to enhance and improve the customer experience.

In this role, Tessa has led Digicel through a very successful period of brand consolidation in the Eastern Caribbean since July making Digicel one of the most recognizable brands in the region.

Over the years, She has developed and executed a series of marketing campaigns including commercials that have stirred passionate discussions across the region in promotion of the Digicel brand.

As a woman in the Marketing field, she believes that what is important about any job is not the gender, but whether or not one is passionate about their job.

Lucia Sherma Bartlette joined Digicel in As Finance Manager she is responsible for the finance function, which includes production of management accounts, MIDs and Board Presentations.

She is also responsible for developing and monitoring the accounting systems, procurement, implementing and monitoring internal control systems to protect and maximize revenue and safeguard assets.

One of the most exciting parts of her job is meeting the requirements of the stakeholders, in the fast pace and rapidly growing Telecoms Company. She has a keen interest in strategic management and leadership. Sherma believes that women should not be afraid to take on roles that have traditionally been held by men and believes that the glass ceiling phenomenon is certainly a thing of the past.

She initially joined the company as a Credit and Collections and Call center Agent in where she worked for three years. Upon her return she was reemployed with Digicel within the Marketing department spearheading key sponsorship and events. During her tenure she launched the Digicel Festival of Fun day which has become an annual event for Special needs children. Her role is key to the expansion of the business into the diaspora.

Kentonia also supports Digicel Business with key projects and daily operations. Lucia Kendra has been employed with Digicel for the past 12 years, out of which she has spent the last five years in the post of Retail Channel Manager for St. A key part of her portfolio includes the management of the device strategy, determining the handset offering, and handset distribution functions.

Kendra joined Digicel in March as a Sales Assistant. What is Digicel EYE? Lucia always-on surveillance accessible from any mobile device anywhere and delivering peace of mind for their businesses or home. Digicel EYE is a cloud-based video monitoring system that provides a secure, high-end video surveillance platform.

Digicel EYE makes it easier for customers to keep track of their business operations without the hassle of expensive hardware installation and maintenance as it comes with round the clock customer support as well as offsite storage which eliminates the possibility of damage in the event of a natural disaster, physical damage or theft of the system.

The service leverages the Microsoft Azure cloud-computing platform, eliminating the need for on-premise servers and storage, greatly reducing traditional hardware costs and installation time.

HD Video Monitoring Allows you to view high quality video of your business, monitor multiple cameras, zoom-in on points of interest, and playback recorded video.

Everywhere Access View live and recorded video from any device connected to the internet, including your laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Highly Secure Video Recordings Video is uploaded directly to the cloud, off-site storage protects recordings from physical damage or hardware defect.

Our job is to keep you ahead of the game, solve your business problems and deliver value, innovation and partnership to your business.

Contact Digicel Business today at: 1 or digicelbusinessslu digicelgroup. Internet access and its applications is serious business, whether you are using professional internet access or conducting transactions over the internet. If you need absolute, guaranteed reliability and security, a Dedicated Internet Access DIA is the right choice for your business.

The Digicel Business network meets the most stringent corporate security requirements for link encryption, information integrity and confidentiality, ensuring that your information is always protected.

Our engineering and operational experience has led to a consistent and proven record of delivery of carrier grade reliability and performance that is assured through our Service Level Agreement SLA. Why Digicel Dedicated Internet Access? Easily upgradable to higher speeds. To get the technology you need to keep you ahead, Contact Digicel Business at 1 or digicelbusinessslu digicelgroup.

Developing a proper disaster recovery plan is quite a challenging task for any type of organisation. Unexpected events that disrupt normal business activity can have a major impact on operations, staff and customers and restoring it can be a really arduous task.

Having in place a comprehensive plan to deal with such events is a vital part of effective management. Disaster recovery operations reduce risk and eliminate costs while protecting your data and business operations. With Digicel Disaster Recovery, IT personnel are no longer required to physically transport backups or begin their disaster recovery process by manually rebuilding servers and loading backup files. The data and applications are stored and mirrored offsite and server recovery is managed completely by Digicel Business.

Why Digicel Disaster Recovery? All your calls, email, video conferencing, instant messaging, SMS and more, can now be quickly accessed through the same application. For example, access a voicemail as an email and answer a call through video, no matter what device you are on.

Reduce your costs and help your staff, customers and clients collaborate more quickly, effectively and efficiently, with Unified Communications from Digicel Business.

Why Digicel Unified Communications? It is almost anecdotal at this point that Caribbean girls and women are outstripping men and boys in academia.

Girls get better Common Entrance scores, and more girls than boys are graduating secondary school and university. Women have been vital contributors to national development in Saint Lucia, and have proven themselves more than capable, rising to the top of their professions locally, regionally and internationally.

Much was made of a recent report published by the International Labour Organisation that cited Saint Lucia as one of only three countries where more than half of managers are women.

But even as they go about their business as a matter of course, we are pleased to feature some of the most outstanding Saint Lucian women in several walks of life. In just about every country in the world, someone like Marissa Mayer is sadly still an anomaly.

That number is hardly something to celebrate—for reasons I will discuss in a second—but there are a few OK, only three parts of the globe that appear to be somewhat yes, only somewhat exemplary in this regard. Jamaica, Colombia, and Saint Lucia. No other country in the world holds a candle to Jamaica, where just under 60 percent of all managers are women, according to the ILO. Colombia, the country with the second highest percentage of female bosses, manages 53 percent.

In Saint Lucia, which is third among the countries for which the ILO found data, the number is Beyond those three, there is the Philippines, where just under 48 percent of all managers are female, Panama, where just over 47 percent are female, and Belarus, where the number is 46 percent. A similarly troubling trend seems to emerge when looking at gender equity among board members around the globe.

In all but one country— Norway—less than 30 percent of all board seats are held by women. Here, in the United States, where gender equity should be an example onto other nations, it seems to be just the opposite, at least by this measure: Less than 20 percent of all board seats are held by women in the United States. At the very bottom of the list are Yemen, Pakistan and Algeria, where only 4. The rest of the bottom ten is occupied by countries in or around the Middle East and North Africa.

Here are the percentages for all countries the ILO included: Some of this should be seen as encouraging news. Women, after all, hold a much larger percentage of jobs globally roughly 40 percent than they have in the past.

They represent roughly a quarter of all employers around the world, when you discount the Middle East and North Africa, where they account for only about 6 percent. And the number of female managers is soaring: In nearly 80 percent of countries, the proportion of female managers has grown since , and in 23 countries the increase was by 7 percent of more. Roberto A. Ferdman is a reporter for Wonkblog covering food, economics, immigration and other things.

He was previously a staff writer at Quartz. According to data analyzed by the International Labor Organization, nearly 60 percent of managers in Jamaica are women, who work for large companies or own their own businesses.

Colombia, at 53 percent, and St. The growth of women up the managerial ranks is due in part to improvements in the level of female education, but also because men have failed to keep pace and have in some cases gone backward. More women are receiving advanced degrees even as a number also juggle household and child-rearing responsibilities.

But while government officials and educators celebrate this fact, they also have serious worries about stagnating men, who have lower levels of academic achievement and are at increased risk of falling into criminality, trends that undermine the gains by females.

Wayne Campbell, a Jamaican high school teacher who blogs about the problem of male underachievement, believes toxic notions about masculinity permeate entire communities, reinforced by a popular music culture that often celebrates law-breaking. Boys who display school smarts are often ridiculed as effeminate by peers and even adults in areas where academic excellence by males is typically devalued, he says.

Not everyone is convinced regional women are close to pulling ahead of men in Caribbean societies. Governor Generals are heads of state in independent nations which were formerly part of the British Empire, and which remain part of the Commonwealth. But a Governor General is also meant to be genteel and refined. Dame Dr. J, Ph. Hon , is the second longest serving Governor General in the British Commonwealth. Her Excellency was was appointed on 17 September, Its Board of Directors is drawn from local businesses, educational and government sectors.

Each year, the Board meets with Her Excellency, a career educator. Through interactive sessions, experience and practical learning, it is geared towards introducing children of all ages to fundamental concepts like saving, managing money, career development and understanding the roles of various officers within a business environment. Intended to complement the school syllabus, JA is committed to a unique approach to economic education and leadership development and seeks to equip and encourage participants to preserve and improve the free enterprise system that they will someday inherit.

The annual meeting provides updates on the strategic plan for the year, special projects, the schedule of events for the forthcoming year and a review of the accounts for the preceding period. As one would expect, Her Excellency has much to contribute as well. With her abiding interest in arts, culture and the performing arts, she has been very expressive about the need to foster more well-rounded students.

One of her several goals with JA is to see to it that the programme continues to grow from strength to strength and more schools, students, teachers and volunteers get involved at various levels and in various capacities. On an annual basis, over With the support of the office of the Governor General, the next generation of Saint Lucian entrepreneurs is sure to be better prepared to tackle the ever more competitive global environment. All too often, they represent the brightest and best men.

Worldwide, the participation of women in the political process and the machinery of Government has had a chequered history. Here in Saint Lucia, of course, several women have served as parliamentarians, Senators, or members of the Cabinet of Ministers. But they all stand on the shoulders of Heraldine Rock, a pioneer and forerunner. A farmer and educator, she was public relations officer of the Saint Lucia Banana Growers Association.

She was elected first vice-president, a position she would hold for the next 15 years. Undaunted, she contested the local government election for a seat on the Castries Town Board. And won. Even in her party, few thought she had a chance. Appointed a Senator from up to , Ma Rock remained active in public life even after demitting the most public of offices. She remained an active farmer until near her death in Heraldine Rock remains a political pioneer and a beacon of national development.

It was remembrance of a life well lived, of unique accomplishment and unbridled passion. It was an unpopular move, as the magistracy was widely considered a dead end.

She would go on to serve 14 years. Where is Sulli to see his daughter make history in Saint Lucia? Never one to sit still, or to limit herself, she was named to the administrative tribunals of the International Labour Organization in and the Organisation of American States in After all, there are so many strings to her bow.

She also got married prior to taking up her role at Carasco and Son Limited, which her grandfather founded in Under her guidance, the company got into retail, wholesale, manufacturing and real estate, and acquired an interest in enterprises like Saint Lucia Manufacturers, Clay Products Limited and Medical Associates. In , she became the first woman to head the Saint Lucia Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, the first of three consecutive terms.

First appointed an Independent Senator in , Mrs Gardner was involved in affairs of state until she retired in She was the first woman to serve as acting President of the Senate. She has sat on major committees at the University of the West Indies, and chaired the Cave Hill School of Business, of which she is also the first woman president. A member of the Girl Guides as a child, she is now a senior international commissioner in that organisation. She then took up a scholarship in Barbados that would shape the rest of her professional life.

In a third stint at Cariblue, she was made resident manager. But she soon struck out on her own, with support from her husband, Johnny, to enter the restaurant business. For the best part of a decade, Mrs Parle was the managerial force behind these distinctive, groundbreaking eateries. When Mrs Parle began seeing new challenges in the early nineties, Joyce and Desmond Destang had the perfect fit for her, a new hotel project.

Her attention to detail and high standards meant the resort opened to rave reviews from day one. Unique marketing strategies helped Bay Gardens cause hoteliers in Saint Lucia and across the Caribbean to sit up and take notice.

For her part, Mrs Parle has earned the recognition and admiration of her peers throughout the Antilles. Mrs Parle was twice nominated by Travel Agent Magazine as one of the most powerful women in travel and tourism. In , Mrs Parle was appointed by the Governor General to serve as an independent Senator in the Tenth Parliament, and was subsequently elected by her peers to serve as Deputy President.

His parents, Joyce and Desmond, were teachers, although Joyce had also gone into real estate. Initially, the couple considered investing in an apartment complex. After all, as a real estate developer, this was where Joyce had established some acumen. But with the tourism industry starting to pick up at a greater rate, the time was right. It was their dream to own a hotel. They started out with 71 rooms. Joyce Destang is the visionary and the driving force behind this great Saint Lucian success story.

Although she had no prior experience in the hotel industry, she has always been very hands-on in helping the chain develop and expand. With a staff of Caribbean nationals, Mrs Destang has always surrounded herself with the best possible talent. But having worked with young people for well over a decade, she was also in a position to see potential and help groom new talent.

The former educator enrolled one of her former students, Berthia Parle, to manage the operation. Like Mrs Destang, Mrs Parle worked closely with her spouse, and their adroit handling has helped Bay Gardens flourish. Lucian success stories, and not just in the category of women. She is a woman who can hold her own in a room full of men.

This prominently passionate person who plays the hand she is dealt regardless, can only have accomplished what she has through good old-fashioned passion. When it comes to leadership, Paula wears many feathers in her hat.

Paula sat on the board and served as President as of — , an experience that seems to have come full circle for her. As a Leader, her approach is adaptation. She cautions that one has to be flexible and utilize various styles of management which in turn depend on values like the level of people, their work ethic, productivity, initiative, responsibility, commitment and dedication. As a leader, the independent minded Paula says she is indeed proud of women locally, regionally and internationally who have succeeded in their various fields.

She however acknowledges that women do in fact have to work harder than male counterparts, women have struggled and will continue to struggle to succeed. As with any relationship, our relationship with men must be that of respect. The former has been around since And it is here that the second treasure comes in. It was her vision, the year after he died aged 84, to plant the gardens now enjoyed by thousands of visitors and locals alike. As copra and cocoa could not provide sufficient funds to improve and restore the estate I had the idea of turning the valley and the waterfall into a beautiful botanical garden.

The creation of the Gardens, Baths and Waterfall I dedicated to the memory of my parents. She would holiday in Belgium, where she learned to speak French. Surely Mr du Boulay would be proud of what his daughter has done with the trust he reposed in her. Lucia tel: 1 email: soufestate candw.

The appointment is a perfect fit. Jade Mountain in particular has been widely lauded for the level of environmental awareness demonstrated by its open design.

But the phrase takes on interesting connotations when applied to women of the judiciary. In the Caribbean, certainly, several women have become exceedingly well-respected.

After her first five years on the bench, she was named a Court of Appeal Judge. Half of the 18 judges on the ECSC are ladies. The Chief Justices of the Bahamas and Jamaica are women, and they represent a substantial proportion of the judiciary in Trinidad and Tobago. This allowed her to be referred to as Her Ladyship. Prior to joining the judiciary, as a practising lawyer, Janice Pereira twice acted as supervisor for elections in the British Virgin Islands in the general election under her maiden name, George and in the general election under her first married name, Creque.

But of late, her portfolio has been growing even further. In , the well-respected hotelier was elected first vice president of the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association as well, after two years as third vice president. Communication and collaboration are essential instruments in the Troubetzkoy toolkit. The CAB is a community of 46 Caribbean banks and other financial institutions that has been in existence for 41 years. Among her immediate goals, Ms Charles intends to build on the work done by her predecessors and work towards strengthening the banking industry throughout the member countries.

In part, that will entail improving the legislative framework. In the past, she has addressed the issue of access to funding for the small and medium enterprise SME sector. The owner of True Value Hardware and Emerald Vista Luxury Residences, the former teen parent believes in working for the wellbeing of those around her. And she is living proof. Her life did not go according to the standard script. She never pursued higher education, instead raising her children and managing the family finances.

But she avers that owning her actions let her shape and define herself, instead of letting her life get derailed. I made the choice and I took personal responsibility for the choices I made. She entered the world of commerce as a result of her desire to create a better situation for her children.

By , she started True Value in cramped quarters, but – driven by a similar desire always dreaming of doing more. She would eventually acquire the building and the land in The property has undergone an extensive facelift since then and the business is a pillar of the Vieux Fort corporate world.

Born and raised in a large family in Choiseul, Ms Charles says he parents taught herself and her siblings the value of education and maintaining balance between chores, business and school work. Today, having raised her adult son and nephew, she balances work, church, and a bit of exercise. Her parents would often tell her that from a very tender age she cared deeply for the welfare of others, and refused to allow obstacles to bar her way. Mrs Tobierre takes every opportunity to speak to young women, with whom she hopes her message resonates.

Since taking over the reins at LIME, Ms Pitt has overseen a transformation of the business and its fortunes as the company gears up for what is expected to be its biggest corporate transition in recent years. Her trademark operational efficiency and management skills have placed LIME in a position to best deliver on its promise to customers and staff.

Being in the top ranks of a major corporation is nothing new to Ms Pitt. A Grenadian by birth, she managed a seat call centre back home in Grenada before moving into the field of telecommunications where she worked for over ten years. Looking back on her journey through the corporate world, Ms Pitt says experience has taught her that the touchstone to achieving success is being optimistic, developing a positive attitude and seizing the moment.

She said the opportunity to manage a seat call canter in Grenada was a phenomenal experience that changed her life. It involved coaching and mentoring a mostly female workforce, and for many of them it was their first job.

Many of them were high-school dropouts with tremendous potential and in three short years they were able to transform their lives into one of purpose. A working Mom with two daughters, she is just as committed to maintaining a good, balanced family life as she is to her career. For her, being a role model to her daughters is the most important and rewarding experience of all.

She has blended practicing medicine and managing a medium sized enterprise. Owning her own practice was perhaps a natural choice, growing up amongst successful women. Beyond a natural affinity to business, Tanya always wanted to help people. We may come to the same end point but the way we go about doing it is different. If I am going to prescribe medication to you, what is your take on it For Dr Beaubrun, it was difficult early on.

So I went through a stage where every day there was guilt because there was something I had forgotten to do. It took me awhile to realise that I was just doing my best and I was leaving myself behind in doing that and I decided you know what; in the moment, I am where I am supposed to be. By leading through love and intuition she has created an environment where patients and staff feel empowered to do their best to continue to grow the business from strength to strength.

In her current role Mrs. The portal, which contains 89 online courses on a wide range of digital subjects including web analytics, social media management and mobile marketing, will be available in English, French and, in the.

But we are only halfway towards our goal. As we mentioned. Bisi Adegbuyi, has picked holes in the operations of capital market registrars with respect to handling copies of the notice of annual general meeting AGM meant for NIPOST stakeholders. He explained that the partnership between NIPOST and other key players in the capital market industry has come a long way, stressing that though sacrifices have been made by all stakeholders over the years, other partners have not kept their part of the obligation.

NIPOST has introduced eplatform such as e-dividend, e-bonus to minimise the ever increasing unclaimed dividend fund accounts and to address pilfering and conversion, adding that stakeholders in the mail delivery chain should not be shut out. According to him, e-dividend notices should be sent to shareholders whose accounts have been credited and the onus is now on the SEC and institute of Capital Market Registrars to effect this.

One of the most critical social roles of the Post is connecting the world through postal service. Rotimi Olaniyan, described direct mailing as the future of poster service in Nigeria, which he said, remained one of the tools of communication. Internet has been a great challenge to direct mail.

Against rising fears that the Nigerian investment climate may not be safe for investors who are interested in doing business in the country, the Minister of Communications, Adebayo Shittu has insisted that Nigeria remained a safe place for investment. He said the fact that several investors have been in the country with many others indicating interest to invest in the country, is a testimony to the safe business environment they enjoyed.

The minister specifically said that Nigeria would avail herself of opportunities that abound in Sweden being a knowledge society, ranked as the most digitalized economy in the world. They invest in knowledge and competence and have used ICT as a key developmental tool and in creating jobs for her citizens. Shittu stressed that the aim of the visit was to share knowledge, build new long-term relationship and strengthen current relationship which can drive innovation and stimulate entrepreneurship as well as contributing to improved welfare and empowerment of people.

He expressed confidence in the Swedish-Nigeria Conference co-hosted by the Ministry and Swedish Embassy saying, it is set not only to map out collaborative efforts between Sweden and Nigeria but also for the fact that it is taking place in Nigeria.

Of Bank Customer Needs and Tech Solutions The need to make financial transactions digital and cashless, coupled with the growing demands by bank customers, have compelled banks to become more innovative, using technology solutions, writes Emma Okonji The introduction and implementation of the cashless initiative by the Central Bank of Nigeria CBN in , no doubt, aroused the appetite of bank customers to place more demands on banks in the areas of improved infrastructure and innovative technology solutions that will enable them enjoy the benefits and convenience associated with cashless economy.

The motive behind the introduction of cashless economy was to reduce the amount of physical cash circulating in the economy and to encourage more electronic-based transactions, designed to drive development and modernisation of payment system as well as to reduce the cost of banking services and to drive financial inclusion by providing more efficient transaction options and greater reach.

The United Bank for Africa UBA Plc, which has been at the forefront of technology innovation in the banking sector since , following the commencement of cashless policy in Lagos State, had since then, introduced varieties of technology innovation that are driving the financial sector. Yinka Adedeji, who spoke on technology innovation in the banking sector in Lagos recently, said the cashless initiative of the CBN was fast gaining acceptance both in urban and rural communities because of the convenience that technology innovation has brought to the banking sector.

The adoption of digital payments has grown in the last one year, signaling a growth rate that is beyond just penalties. Technology is driving all these innovations and growth and the banks have invested so much in technology to meet growing demands. UBA is one bank that has invested heavily in technology and this has triggered the positive changes that UBA customers are experiencing in the banking industry.

Before now, consumer banking used to be separate from digital banking, but today it is difficult to do consumer banking without carrying out digital banking. The banking operations are gradually changing from opening customer account and providing convenient service to the customer after opening the account, to a situation where customers now freely open bank accounts because of the convenience that is attached to owning a bank account. The current trend is that banks first. As at today, banking transactions have been made easier.

People can now pay online for their air tickets, utility bills, electricity bills, among others. People can now open bank accounts online without necessarily going into the banking hall, and all these have led to increased customer demand from banks, while the banks are making efforts to address the new trends, using technology solutions.

The CBN for instance, has allowed customers to lodge up to N2 million into their savings account, using cheques, which was not possible before now, based on financial regulations. So today, customers can run small businesses using a savings account, by depositing cheques into their savings account and people can transact up to N2 million on their savings account.

There are also new developments to bank the unbanked, using instant and electronic channels. Students account can also receive as much as N50, and UBA, alongside other banks are at the forefront implementing all of these, hence UBA is rated high in financial transactions across Africa.

With over 10 million customer accounts across the African continent, and over eight million bank accounts spread across Nigeria, UBA said it planned to double the number. Flexibility in banking operations Talking about flexibility and ease of banking, Adedeji said most banks are fast deploying technology that is enabling ease of financial transactions.

He, however, said that UBA has increased the flexibility of internet banking in order to bring in more customers to enjoy the benefits. The changes further simplify our banking operations and give customers better sense of understanding of their financial transactions. Again, we have downloadable apps that could be used for our mobile banking and customers could install them on their mobile devices, downloaded from Google Play.

Deploying tech solutions In order to meet the increasing demand of bank customers, banks have come up with new technology solutions that are not only making financial transactions easier, but also making them secured. People can actually send money via internet banking directly to the email account of someone.

So people can do multiple money transfers to several email addresses and they receive it as financial figures on their emails. The platform also allows people to request for money from someone, other than sending money to someone. If money is requested, the person has the option to accept the request or decline it. Once it is accepted, the exact amount requested is debited from the account and sent via email to the address where the request came from.

So money could be sent to several people at the same time. According to him, UBA is using digital identity to replace account numbers. The system has been tested and it is safe. But for corporate accounts, there is no limit to transaction. PoS has gone beyond payments. Some PoS today can be used to pay bills like utility bills and electricity bills and financial transactions are becoming a lot easier because a lot of flexibilities have been introduced to PoS machines by banks.

Most Nigerians including traders and artisans, have since seen the benefits of going cashless and they are fast embracing it. Olusola Teniola told technology reporters that the proposal would rather stifle economic growth. Emma Okonji brings the excerpts: What exactly in your view is the proposed communication service tax bill all about?

Both bills are disguised under different names and one has passed at least the first reading. If the additional nine per cent tax would be borne by consumers, how would the service providers be affected? Consumers will bear the brunt of double taxation on all communication services currently enjoyed, so what is currently levied at five per cent will now be taxed at 14 per cent. The service providers will also need to factor in additional processing charges to cover the burden of having to process this tax through their systems on a monthly basis to avoid penalties being levied as also proposed in the CST Bill.

One of the provisions of the CST Bill mandates service providers to remit the nine per cent tax to the Federal Inland Revenue Service or risk penalties for non-compliance. What does this portend on operating cost? It may further lead to SMS, MMS, Internet, Voice and PayTV tariff prices going up by an additional 20 per cent across board to consumers as each service provider will need to engage a tax auditor on a monthly basis to verify remittance to avoid the risk of penalties being applied under the proposed CST Bill.

But clearly this new tax would not in any way impact on quality of operations and service, or would it? This is not an issue that has to do with service quality. This tax will stifle growth seen in the telecoms industry and may lead to further job losses and consumers reducing their use of these services. Why then is the National Assembly going ahead to pass the bill into law? The National Assembly seeks additional sources of income to fulfill current government spending plans and one avenue is via raising additional taxes.

We argue that the focus of government is to improve on the numbers of non-paying tax population and widen the net to increase the number of tax payers from 10 million which stands at 14 per cent of the working population to 80 per cent which will generate more income to the government with immediate effect.

How precisely would the tax affect broadband penetration if it comes into effect? Investors both local and foreign will assess the country to be no longer a business-friendly environment.

Currently the investors are faced with 26 separate tax related items and having the CST Bill imposed will take this to This is not only too many, it also means Nigeria will also be sending the wrong signal to the investment community at a time when much needed funds are required to build much needed broadband infrastructure across an expansive geographical landmass. Sage Africa said recently at a session organised by the Lagos Chamber of Commerce.

This is not only too many, it also means Nigeria will also be sending the wrong signal to the investment community at a time when much needed funds are required to build much needed broadband infrastructure.

Do you agree with this position? Yes, this will definitely increase the cost of doing business by at least 20 per cent, due to the double taxation implications of this CST Bill on every user of a mobile phone in Nigeria. Businesses in Nigeria have been creative with dealing with multiple taxation and unfavourable policies over the years. However, there have been reports of more organisations downsizing, cutting costs and managing losses in the last two years.

Do you envisage adverse implication on prospective investment with the CST? The effect of this bill means businesses will have no option but to seek cost reductions in the area of human resources to compensate for the cost of introducing this bill.

The last two years have witnessed a downturn in the economy and a corresponding year-on-year slowdown in the revenue generated within the telecoms industry. The trend is for this to indicate contraction, going forward with a decline in the national GDP numbers, so inevitably, margins are going to disappear unless the fundamentals change. It is not an economic tool to stimulate recovery of an economy — it seeks to solve short term issues i.

It is far better for government to create a more favourable. Now we have seen tremendous growth the fastest in Africa of 8.

All of these have been private-led driven and if I were in government , I would seek to increase this further by putting in place measures that further drives this growth and this can be done by building a broadband platform for the future. In the wake of rising costs of commodities and the need for government to diversify the economy beyond oil, what feasible means of revenue generation would you say is open to the federal government at a time like this?

Diversifying the economy is the only way of not depending on oil and gas to fund government spending. Review current spending that is not necessary, sell national assets that are no longer needed and use the proceeds to fund a new economy that is based on the knowledge society, so this will create a structural adjustment that the next generation can build on. Emmanuel Ekuwem, who spoke on behalf of ICT stakeholders, commended the nomination, given the antecedents of Umo, whom he said is a seasoned ICT professional whose techno-managerial trajectory has traversed the Nigerian Armed Forces, the Nigeria Police Force and Para-military institutions.

Terrorist or enemy nations may want to cripple critical national information infrastructure like telecoms, banking, national defence and military, political and democratic institutions, legal and judicial institutions of other nations at worst or, at best, attempt to influence their political discourse and electoral outcomes. Signal Corps, Ekuewem said his duties included the formulation of communications and ICT policies for the Army as well as the coordination and implementation of training on communications and ICT.

He was saddled with the onerous task of advising the Chief of Army Staff on all communications and ICT matters including communications and ICT equipment procurement to ensure network seamlessness, interoperability, compatibility and commonality.

He called on the Nigerian. Umo, while in service had held many command and administrative positions. Yudala Excites Abuja Customers with Zero Gravity Yudala, the pioneer composite e-commerce outfit last week in Abuja, unveiled a potential life-changing wealth creation scheme for millions of Nigerian youths, where it had the second installment of Yudala Zero Gravity, a multi-city mega entertainment concert which witnessed a record crowd at the Sheraton Hotel, Abuja.

In attendance at the starstudded event was the Hon. Emeka Ihedioha; several distinguished Senators and serving members of the National Assembly, bank CEOs, captains of industries and representatives of corporate Nigeria. Ekeh recalled several years of extreme pain before pleasure in his core sector of ICT and reminded youths that this century, despite all challenges, is one of mega wealth for them but insisted that they have to work for it.

He stated that the Foundation is focusing, for now, only on those who have the brain, energy and hunger. While assuring that he has installed digital infrastructure to personally mentor all those selected through the YUBOSS platform, Ekeh disclosed that his ambition is that, by , the Foundation would have delivered 36 sustainable billonaires and millionaires.

Ngige lauded Yudala for the giant strides recorded in the marketplace within a year of existence and the determination to empower the youths through YUBOSS. StarTimes Assures Customers Mira Technologies Boosts Productivity in Healthcare of Better Signal Coverage Digital TV network operator, StarTimes has reiterated its strategic commitment to ensuring quality nationwide signal coverage and innovative offerings both for content bouquets and decoder products. This is consistent with its renewed drive to improve digital TV entertainment services and viewing experience for Nigerians and further deepens the penetration and acceptance of digital TV across the nation.

Israel Bolaji, who gave the assurance in a recent chat in Lagos, said the company was particularly interested in building and providing quality nationwide signal coverage and innovative offerings, which translate to pleasurable hours of digital television viewing with sharp images and stable signal for subscribers.

Since we have demonstrated this commitment by consistently upping our game in terms of growing our signal strength, quality and nationwide reach. In , StarTimes signals covered only four states, today, our signal coverage covers 35 states and. We are covering the whole nation with improved signals including all states, the federal capital territory, historical cities and even rural areas.

Over the years, we have grown the quality of our signal by investing massively in world class facilities and technologies and we are fast spreading the coverage nationwide. Mira Technologies Limited, an indigenous software developer, has raised productivity in the health sector with Mira HPro, a Hospital Management Software solution. This is just as electronic health management has been seen as one of the efficient ways that health workers could deliver services effectively leveraging on Information Technology IT tools, known as e-Health.

Created and developed for hospitals and health management facilities. Mira HPro is an enterprise Hospital Management Software with all the required features to run a hospital. The preferred choice for doctors, Hospices, clinics, hospitals and nursing homes. The software enables users to access and interact with critical components of the database and do such as Tasks without leaving their immediate environment. Speaking to newsmen about the technology solution, the Managing Director of Mira.

Technologies, Mr. With this software, there is no need to worry about support services because the software is a web application, and we can provide support from anywhere. The foreign exchange that will be used to buy foreign software can be saved for other things, our software is comparable to any foreign software.

With zero downtime deployment, we are happy to be associated with this solution. Even though this is my first time in Nigeria, I have learnt so much about Nigeria and Africa in Europe through many sources, especially through reading and interacting with people. To this end, I can confidently say the continent is moving very quickly in luxury. We have seen in the last few years of growing interest with people buying luxuries. And I strongly believe that this market has potential for further growth in the future.

The world is growing very fast and we have to be ready as a brand to be on the top 50 cities in the world that things would happen in the future. Would it still be Paris, New York or cities like Lagos?

So our job is to screen and access the world need to see where things would happen in the future. I always look at statistics and I have been able to identify that the biggest market in the continent for luxury goods like Champagne is Nigeria. When this broken down, you will discover that where you export the high earned products which have special interest is likely to grow our own sales because those who buy the Champagne, buy our watches.

Narrowing things down to your brand, based on your interaction with Nigerians, how can you describe their feelings towards Dubuis? We follow the trend and we invest well in research to know what our partners and consumers want. Over the years, we have discovered that an average Nigerian luxury patron has penchant for uniqueness and quality and we have always strived to meet the demand. In return, our brand has become very appreciative in the market.

Having said this, we have been in different circles in the business and in all; we have always remained a strong brand.

Today, we have been bought by the second largest luxury group in the world. Again, this has impacted well on the brand and shore up its profile.

How long do you stay with a partner? Let me start by saying that it is difficult for any global brand to succeed without having partners in strategic markets. In doing so, one has to be sure that good partners are attracted. If you make the right choice, it will make your brand and if you take a wrong step, it will mar your fortune. Polo Luxury Stores, for instance, became our ideal partner because of its pedigree and ability to have built strong brands over the years.

At the right time when we saw the need to explore the emerging markets, we struck a deal with Polo with hope that it would translate to a symbiotic relationship for the two partners. Back to your question on the duration of our stay with a partner, I think as long as we are happy with the partnership, we love to stay with long lasting partners. If you want to build a brand, having long lasting partner is one of the greatest assets. Our partnership with Polo is strategic to our growth in Africa because the rise of emerging markets has been perhaps the defining feature of the global economy this century.

When one now has a partner like Polo Luxury Store that has a good understanding of the market, it can be imagined what the future of such brand in the market becomes.

You have spoken glowingly about the market and your determination to remain a top player; can you please spell out the Unique Selling Point of the brand? Each Dubuis timepiece is known for its win-. In further showing pride in its origin and traditions, the Dubuis timepiece is known for its signature — the Geneva Seal, a reinforcement of the authenticity, quality and credibility of the global brand.

To meet up with our customer demands,. The world is growing very fast and we have to be ready as a brand to be on the top 50 cities in the world, where things would happen in the future.

Channeling its strong, expressiveness, dedicated to high-end watches for men, the brand effortlessly translated its appeal to the luxury market for women.

The ladies timepiece range continues to gain high momentum in demand across the globe with each piece almost automatically becoming a best seller overnight. Are you looking at Polo to explore other African countries? You need to have the connections to high earned customers, and suppliers from Europe, which I know Polo has. So I believe myself in reaching the market with the portfolio of brands that we have here in Nigeria than going everywhere.

In the last eight years, we have been able to see the viable connections of the Polo Luxury Group in western Africa and across the continent. Particularly, in rapidly expanding the growing number of its valuable customer base across the vibrant continent.

In what way has social media impacted or affected your brand acceptability? Acceptance is very important. To be known, make buzz and friends. Our brand is good at that in creating small movies; we have high number of people coming on our site, facebook and instagram. But you have to have a direct relationship with your high earned customers and give them trust to buy your product, not the other one.

We are in the emotional business, the love business. Many of our watches today are bought for pleasure. We are in the relationship business and that is the beauty of. Can you please touch on your communication strategies and how they have contributed to the growth of the brand?

Our communications strategy is not so much on the media side. We believe about the digital because all that we do on our brand: the short movies and shows are in the spectacular.

So digital for us is a very good platform to display the brand exuberance and creativity. We are in recession and the big consumers have one issue or the other. So it does affect the ability and the readiness of such consumers to spend. Are they free of the searchlight of the agencies? Maybe not. Therefore it impacts the confidence. And if things are a bit slow, it affects the consumer psychology and readiness or willingness to spend. But the rich will always be very rich.

At the end of the day, fresh money would be made. The new challenges bring new opportunities. So far, how can you describe your partnership with Polo? Our relationship with Polo has created a special bond between Geneva and Nigeria and it has brought our family close.

On number of time, Mr. John Obayuwana had had fabulous dinner with collectors in Geneva where we discussed businesses and what was trending. So, it gives joy and at the end makes the business happen. It was an extraordinary gift by intellectuals of that era to a world that some people thought had become sluggish, uncreative and desperately in need of ideas. Today, more than 50 years after that intellectual uprising, many countries still drive their economic policies with huge emphasis on the power of knowledge and human imagination.

For these countries, there is a strong belief that any system of production and consumption that is not based on intellectual capital will fail. I decided to present this background because Nigeria at present reminds one of the pre s knowledge revolution and the deficit of awareness. But the question is: what exactly are we really selling?

And why would the sale of physical assets that are here today and gone tomorrow determine our economic direction? And if we sell now and recession continues, what happens? What I enjoyed most about the debate was the cacophony of voices that argued endlessly. Again, the arguments reinforced the benefits. But this piece is not about public dialogue and its benefits.

It is essentially about wealth from knowledge and intellectual property, which to my mind is the ultimate asset. There is no doubt that the world is undergoing tremendous change. And we are already witnesses to the transformation affecting production, distribution, trade, employment and life generally. Once upon a time, that was during the agricultural economy, land was everything.

Also, during the industrial era, natural resource like coal and labour were the main issues. Today, all that has changed because in a knowledge economy, knowledge is the resource and not oil or solid minerals. But I hasten to add that from time immemorial, knowledge has always played a part, no matter how small in every economic activity. What is new today however is that there is now a phenomenal dose of knowledge and information that is fused into economic activity by individuals and governments.

So when we make sale of national assets a talking point in a recession, we highlight our confusion, pain and misery. It also shows that not much of good thinking is going on at the right places. But we must not despair or even give a thought to the falsehood that the sale of national assets essentially brings about boom. Nigerians must look inwards and face. The difference between Jobs and these hapless Nigerians is essentially environment. Therefore in this season of economic decline, everything must be deployed into saving our country and its future.

And for me, young people should be the starting point. In line with our case for a knowledge economy, Nigeria must urgently take steps towards revamping education. Our schools must return to centres of excellence in learning and research. Technical and vocational studies should be reintroduced and strengthened for optimum results.

And we must encourage and remind the youth once more on the virtues of hard work, fair play, principles and patriotism. I think it is imperative for Nigeria as a country to learn from the tragedies of other nations. But as I said earlier, there is hope. Recently, I watched with keen interest in Lagos, an event on October 1 as speaker after speaker, spoke on the colossal waste recurrent in running government. It isn’t the case with Rome or Madrid or anywhere else.

Political life, financial life, infrastructure — all the money is spent in one place. Godfrey Davies from the Christian People’s Alliance agreed that London had for too long hoovered up resources —God’s resources.

It wasn’t just London that the candidates thought needed to be “put in the shadows,” however. For Labour’s Snell, Birmingham and Manchester also had to be put in their place. Manchester and Birmingham seem to be the new go-to places for things outside of London and frankly that doesn’t help us because we’re being squeezed and squeezed and squeezed. Snell, who has previously told Nuttall to “sod off back to where he came from” and who at one point last night referred to the BNP’s David Furness as “that London chap,” it was clear what his message was.

The fact that being an MP would involve Snell spending a great deal of his time ‘going back down to London’ seemed to have passed him by. I’d be teribble XD I once made the mistake of getting a summerjob as a telemarketeer. I lasted for a whopping 24 hours before panicking and running out the door with the cord of the headset wrapped around my ankle.

Customer: “hey missy, are you being sarcastic? Much, much better! I also now study to be a website designer. It looks like it might be an overcrowded field, but two things are in its favor: 1.

Perhaps “portfolio” can be persuaded to substitute for such introvert filters as “resume,” “interview,” and “references. My brother is 21 and my husband and I support him because he cannot find or hold down a job and is failing college.

I am at my wits end and I do not know what to do. He doesn’t seem to have any of the skills to get any of these jobs. To the one who has a brother struggling through college and having a hard time maintaining and finding a job, my heart goes out to you, and your brother.

That could help with the educational aspect. Another thing that could help you out with the college is to see if you can somewhat observe a day in the classroom with your brother in it. You may not be able to do this in person, but maybe you can send a hidden video camcorder, or a hidden recorder and then listen to the observations when he gets home, maybe there could be bullying going on or triggers that could be setting him off during class, he could be in a Major that its not suited for him, academic struggles it could be a variety of things.

I would also speak with your brother and husband about seeking Vocational Rehab services for your brother, they can help your brother find and maintain a job. They also can help assist him with typing up a job resume, cover letters, the whole ten yards, if he so needs it.

But, don’t do anything he’s not comfortable with doing unless if it absolutely needs to be done. I hope my advice helps you.

And to the one who suggested 2 jobs in regards to the Medical field, that does help and so does your positive,uplifting comment. To Nurse Joesphine, thank you for posting such a positive and uplifitng comment, you are so right.

Remember you all, we can do all things through Christ that strengthens us. Lets keep proving society wrong! Honestly all of you should think about this before starting families. You have a good chance of bringing another child into the world that will have to deal with these things and may never be able to work enough to support thereself comfortably or at all and not have to survive day to day on minimum wage.

Min wage wouldn’t even cover health insurance where I live. I just cringe when I hear someone with asperger’s plan on starting a family just because they think that’s what they are supposed to do to appear normal. Think about the other people instead of yourselves if you are able. Well, Anonymous, there are God’s plenty of “fully able” folk settling for low wage employment, so I blame the economy. If you want a competitive economic system, there will be losers.

Eugenics will not change that. Or as Jesus prophesied: The poor you will always have with you. I don’t accept that particular prophecy, but even in the War On Poverty a legitimate target if there is one , there are weapons systems I won’t deploy. He is currently in a residential OCD treatment program but is not making much progress. It is his greatest challenge socially and in maintaining employement. Programming – while that is not something for me I’ve got AS too.. In Scandinavia lots of businesses has found that people with AS can be far better than neurotypicals for some of the specialist jobs Will say that if at all possible one should try to ‘guide’ the interest into something useful So that if Computer is an interest Which is an interest that can’t really be used for much in the long run.

This type of job is not for me though Cause even if I don’t always understand them Will say that is is never too late – as long as you don’t give up. Be open and talk to people Even being a teacher – can under some circumstances – be something one can do. Might I suggest some trade jobs. It is what I am doing. Usually, it only requires two years of school, if at that. Some trades, you just dive head first into an apprenticeship. Repetitive, pays well, and allows an aspie to own his work using all his skills.

Hvac Electrician Plumber etc,. Re: “I just cringe when I hear someone with asperger’s plan on starting a family”, is about one of the most self-absorbed and unenlightened comments I’ve heard here.

And the impressive list goes on. I hope we continue to be gifted with such people forever. Yes, their social skills may not be on par with the mainstream, but has anyone considered the greater difficulty has been the change in society’s speed and expectations?

People had a chance to ruminate, mentally explore, study independently at length without always “being on the clock”. I would love to see all you people who have contributed above, be given the gift of being taken out of the barrage of societal drivel and demands as we see and hear daily on TV, radio — and yes on the web —and watch as you all unfold and take wing!

What a blessing for us all that would be. Ok, So my wife and I have just been informed 3 months ago that our oldest has Aspergers. Upsetting, yes, but what was even more disturbing is that my wife is a TA for Autistic children which range from very low to high function. She was very upset that she hadn’t realized it sooner. He is a great kid, very smart but low self esteem and a bit of a loner.

He works part time at a sandwich shop and seems to be doing well handling customers but I sense his frustrations when the shop has been busy. I have been reading the post of others who have children with Aspergers and I am ashamed at how wrong I have been over the years and even more so lately now that I know he has AS.

Our relationship is not great and I want terribly to improve it so I hope by coming back and reading more posts I will learn how he thinks and how best to handle different situations. I can not tolerate the disrespect toward his mother or me so we need to learn how to manage that.

I am an active duty Navy Sailor that has spent a tremendous amount of time away from my family and just reported to shore duty just about the same time he was diagnosed which allows me to be home every night and weekend so I am sure that change has really thrown him off kilter as well.

I appreciate any advice anyone has to offer. Amen to that. Had I known almost 40 years ago I had Asperger’s, I wouln’t have bothered with college. Navy Dad, your desire to form a closer relationship with your son is admirable. You don’t say how old your son is, but since he’s working part-time in a sandwich shop, I guessing he’s at least an older teenager or young adult. You note that you have difficulty tolerating his disrespect toward your wife or you.

Sometimes aspies are rude just as sometimes “normal” people are rude. However, more often it’s the case that aspies say things that come across as disrespectful, but they don’t mean to be. My year-old son has AS. He is a really nice kid, and I feel very fortunate that I don’t have to deal with some of the problems the parents of “normal” teenagers might face such as drug and alcohol abuse, or irresponsible sexual behavior.

I suppose the biggest challenges I face involve helping my son understand the nuances of social interactions. It’s difficult to explain why it may be okay to speak one way with his friends at school, but the same language and topics are inappropriate around me, his dad, or other adults.

Why is something funny or appropriate in one context but not in another? So often what is seen as disrespectful behavior is often a lack of understanding of social expectations. We spend a lot of time talking to our son about expected and unexpected behavior. He gets very frustrated because the social rules don’t make since to him; they aren’t consistent.

Social rules often seem arbitrary to my son. That often leads to feelings of frustration and anger. It’s hard to usually be the one who doesn’t fit with the group, who doesn’t get the subtle messages that your behavior does not conform.

It does not help him if I get angry when he says something disrespectful. Of course sometimes I do, but I learned that letting anger lead my response to his behavior only makes the situation worse.

It’s much more effective to ask him why he said what he said, and then help him to understand how I experienced it. Then we work together to come up with a better way for him to express himself. He’s come a long way over the years in understanding social rules. Does he have lots more to learn? We will keep working on it. It was a major realization on our part that much of the behavior we were interpreting as stubborn refusal was really a complete lack of understanding of what was expected behavior.

I guess what I’m saying is that to form a closer relationship with your son, you need to learn how to understand the world through your son’s eyes. You asked for some suggested reading material. I’m a 21 year old girl with Aspergers and i’m really confused about what to do about my life.

I’m currently studying law because my grades were good in high school and the pay is good etc. Now i feel like i’m just wasting my time.. Also in my country Aspergers is not well known and there aren’t even any social services or such so.. I don’t even know.. How do you get your Son who was diagnoised with aspergers syndrome to actually come out of himself, and to have fait in his ability to do things?

My son is so intelligent. However, he says he doesn’t have aspergers syndrome, he has people faiulre syndrome. He is seeing a psychologist. THsi doesn’t seem to be working out too well. I’m at wits end. I am 43 and I only recently discovered I have Aspergers. I began to work with adults with disabilities in various capacities. I am now employed part time as a receptionist in a counseling practice and I am also working independently providing advocacy, coaching for the parents, and mentoring for others on the spectrum.

The disability work world needs skilled individuals preferably with a great understanding of what it is like to be different, how to best use your skills to achieve goals, and most importantly who understand how to be both well and on the spectrum. If you fit the bill, please look for opportunities in your community. I have had 44 jobs and never knew why things were so hard at work. Bosses said I was a poor fit or had poor job performance, or other things that hurt my self-confidence.

I have been fired or asked to leave a dozen or so times. I have a hard time with people criticizing me, and that’s what supervizors seem to do, so now I also don’t have very good executive functioning, I think, because I have never been able to set goals, except with yard work. I am very bright and have a master’s degree.

Because of the disorder and maybe lack of life goal setting, I got an M. It is not useful to me becauae it involved no coursework in Education, and I have trouble reading and being with people Yikes So, from these 44 mostly unrelated jobs, I can share that I did best as a proofreader, an assistant manager of a water store, and house sitter.

The worst ones were Social Services and Mental Health agency jobs, because intereactions are non-stop, and the paperwork actually precipitated embarassing meltdowns. I cannot multi-task or do “fast-paced environment” jobs. No professional has ever recommended that I apply for Disability because I present well, I guess. Yet Math trouble kept me away from Science and Technology. So now I am a fit, versatile, playful year-old woman who has NO income, and who has NO idea what to apply for.

I do fill out random applications, and each one brings on an anxiety problem that includes huge grief, and trouble breathing. So, YEAH, early intervention would have been really great! Encouraging and humourous comments, and good ideas, would be welcome!

I’m currently volunteering with my mom doing some office type jobs for her employer. I really like the job. Unfortunately, they were not hiring jobs for the duties I was doing photocopying, scanning, and some computer work. When it actually comes to finding a job though, as with a lot of people with Aspergers and socializing, the whole networking with people just sort of keeps me away from looking.

You can look on job sites, but there’s literally hundreds of people applying for the same position as you. If I was to get an interview, I’ve heard some people don’t get the job because they have a disability, in this case Aspergers.

They believe that someone like me would be too much to handle. When I was working with my mom, they basically told me what they needed me to do, and I pretty much did it for the entire time I was there. They said I’m very efficient and that I did the same amount of work that could have taken someone months to do, I did in about 3 weeks. With it being volunteer, I only worked once a week. See, I’ve got the skills and such. I just need the connections to help me get a job. However, like I said, for most people with Aspergers, trying to get a job or network with people, which is how most people find jobs, is like carrying a huge lb weight on your back.

He wants to join the air force as a defense guard I’m in Australia , anyone here had experience in the armed forces with aspergers?. Yes, I made the mistake of majoring in English in college. Ten years later, I am a housekeeper at a large hospital. I am very good at my job but find it dissatisfying. My degree has helped me not one iota in finding employment. Without the social skills to pursue anything related to my interests, manual labor is the life for me.

I have learned to multi-task at my job by thinking circularly as well as linearaly. I believe this is related to practicing Tai Chi and Zen Buddhism. I was an H. Manager at my las job I have found it hard for a job to really keep my intention, espeically an office job I work in a library and do reference work.

The majority of my job involves a LOT of complex social interaction with a diverse group of people. I had to learn what is the correct thing to say and how to interact.

It’s easy to be taken the wrong way if you don’t have the right facial expression or body posture for the situation as well. You have to also deal with complaints and sometimes manage co-workers. I don’t know if being a reference librarian is a good choice for people who find social interaction difficult.

Some libraries also get very busy and several people can also demand your attention at the same time. Shelving books is a good idea as is a job behind the scenes like cataloging and, perhaps, administration.

But, the latter jobs are very competitive. I am now 60, I have ADD, and am medicated for depression and social anxiety, which I personally think is aspergers related. I live alone, and have never been in a successful romantic relationship inspite of a great desire to be in one. I also have a great deal of trouble setting goals , or of even thinking of the future. I am stuck in the eternal now, without any means, or knowledge of how to support myself.

I think I understand at least something of where you are coming from. I during my working career I was always the oddball who did not understand the office politics and how to make friends, which left me an easy target for others to tease or mistreat.

I am very intelligent , talented, a quick study and a diligent worker. Because of this I was pushed by therapists to strive for management jobs in fast paced environments Museum Exhibits Installations, where I failed utterly at the assistant manager level, and was traumatized in the process.

Because of the tricky issue of social politics and how cut throat they can be in a specialized field. The politics of dating and relationships further damaged my self esteem. For the past ten years following a spinal laminectomy, which left me with nerve damage , I have not worked. I tried to retrain as a landscape designer. This bombed because one to one client interactions terrify me. Even working with a Job Counselor for people with disabilities including those with aspergers did nothing but make me feel worse about myself because she could not see my limitations because of my talents, and appearance of “normalcy”.

Early detection. At least this is now possible. At least now some counselors are aware and able to admit that being “close to neurotypical” doesn’t always mean the individual will have no problems interacting in todays world. As the saying goes “close, but no cigar”, it is the differences, even the seemingly small ones that can ultimately trip you up, and leave you without support.

Financially and emotionally. I like what you said My son is 25 and was diagnosed with Aspergers about his 2nd year of college. It took him 5 years which isn’t unusual these days to graduate with a double major in history and English which I see is not a good fit for someone with Aspergers.

Most of his time in college he spent in his dorm when he wasn’t in class or in getting food in the dining hall and gained about 70 pounds during that time. While he was in college we found out that his school offered about 10 free sessions through the disability office with a counselor, he only went to three.

He graduated 15 months ago and is still working 2 part time jobs- one in a retail store unloading trucks and stocking shelves and another one delivering pizzas. I don’t know what to do for him and so very scared for his future.

It’s as if he doesn’t want to admit he has Aspergers. Unfortunately, while he was still in college my husband was transferred to another state with his job, so another hurdle. We now live in a state where he doesn’t know anyone, not that he socialized or had many friends where we used to live, but at least it was familiar. He spends most of his time in his bedroom. We have pointed out to him Apergers groups that meet and suggested getting into something that interests him and joining a group that does that, like Archery since he liked it in high school and seemed good at it.

He hasn’t done any of it. He has had 3 job interviews over the phone and one in person and no job offer. I help him by looking for jobs and printing them out for him to review and apply and my husband and I have both referred him for jobs with our employers.

He definitely has the social issue, he isn’t afraid to socialize he just doesn’t like to do it for very long or often, he has to back out of the situation by going to the bathroom to gather himself and get relief he as done this for years, since he was little- we didn’t know what it was at the time.

What else can we do, how do I reach him? I so worry that when my husband and I are gone he is going to be living in the streets. Also, worry about people taking advantage of him- he really is a wonderful, kind young man and honest young man – prey for assholes.

I know during the process of getting diagnosed with Aspergers he expressed interest of meeting a nice girl and getting married, I fear he may never have this. I say a lot of prayers for him these days. Any advise or help would be appreciated. I’m 23, and I have AS. I tried looking for work and had a factory job at a place for disabled people, but they had to let me go because they ran out of funding. Then, I had a hotel job housecleaner , but they fired me after the first day.

I don’t have much stress, which is good, but I feel like I’m suppose to be working or going to college. The key words are “I feel like I’m suppose to”. I failed at the jobs that normal people have.

I’m 21 and have an assosiate’s degree in business administration and I have both aspergers and adhd. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I studied business so that I could take care of myself financially and be able to afford anything that I could possibly need, but I didn’t think it through. I wish I could start over and I’m about to study to get my bachelor’s but I don’t know what I should study anymore.

I’m in deep trouble here. Somebody help me please. Stressarella, your post almost made me cry because your son sounds just like me, especially the part about going to the bathroom to regroup after being around people for a while. I’m 29, I never even heard of this condition until 2 years ago, which sucks, I wish that I would have known about this when I was a child. I started my own business when I was 22 with a business partner who was a “social butterfly” so we had the perfect partnership, he would do all the social stuff while I did everything else such as the paperwork, advertising, managing the books, etc.

We became pretty successful at it too and enjoyed a great life. However, he became sick and died about a year and a half ago. Since then I lost my business and everything else since I could not fill the void left by his death.

Now I am almost 30 back living with my parents with no idea of what to do next. I have a business degree which is pretty worthless for me at the moment, and I have no idea of what career I should even look into. Knowing about this ASD now, I wish that I would have stuck with my original goal of being an engineer instead of going into the business world where who you know is much more valuable than what you know.

DO NOT become a reference librarian! They deal with the public constantly, often have to deal with long lines of angry people during busy times, and as one poster pointed out, there is a lot of nasty politics in libraries. Librarians often have to deal with angry complainers and unbalanced patrons. It can be quite stressful! Anonymous you have to be the most arrogant person I’ve seen online in a while. I’m an adult Aspie who was just diagnosed and I have three children whom I wouldn’t change for the world All three of them have some form of Autism.

There are many people who are unemployed with the current economic crisis, people with disabilities moreso than the milieu. This fact doesn’t mean that there aren’t highly successful individuals and with the rate at which Asperger’s and Autism is progressing, it’s just a matter of time before society needs to make a majority of the concessions in terms of employment.

Asperger’s and Autism is a different way of looking at and processing the world and honestly, it’s about time the world gains a new perspective. Employ-ability isn’t what makes a human being valuable and everyone ; NT, those on the spectrum, and people with more debilitating issues, has their good and bad qualities that they have to learn to adapt to.

I tell my children that life is going to be difficult for them and that their peers won’t understand them, but that their family is always behind them and they will find a place to fit in. I don’t sugarcoat their limitations and I don’t negate any possibilities for them, because with early intervention and a solid support system, people on the spectrum can accomplish extraordinary feats.

Your comments are ignorant and quite honestly I don’t think you should procreate knowing the bias and ignorance you’ll be passing onto your offspring. My son has aspergers. I would like to hear from you. I am praying for you.

Please do not lose hope. I know it has been 3. Jesus loves you and so do I. I have a had a job in various parts of the education field for 10 years, starting at 16 I’m 27 now and have Aspergers. I find education to be a great field, especially working with younger kids. I have been successful in this field. The younger kids don’t notice anything different with me and my only problem has been that the parents sometimes think me too blunt, as do co-workers but for the most part it seems to be acceptable.

I occasionally have problems with filtering and volume control but I enjoy the job greatly.



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